More Special Effects!

I've had a lot of free time lately, so I've been practicing my special effects make-up, and I wanted to share with you guys how I am creating these gruesome looks! 


I use the Ben Nye Nose & Scar wax to create cuts and abrasions on my skin, it comes in different skin tones, I used fair, because I'm kind of a pale person... You only need a little bit of this product, because it stretches very easily. In order to get it to stick to your skin you need a product called Spirit Gum, as seen below. You want the spirit gum to get a little tacky before you try spreading the wax on your skin. 

You want to get a metal spatula to scrape out the wax and the flat end is useful in blending the wax in with your actual skin   

You want to get a metal spatula to scrape out the wax and the flat end is useful in blending the wax in with your actual skin





So here's how I created this look. I started with the "bullet whole" on my forehead. I made sure my skin was clean and dry. First I applied the spirit gum in the middle of my forehead where I wanted to place the wax. Tap it with your knuckle so it gets a little tacky. I took some Nose & Scar wax and roll it into a ball, and basically pushed it down on my forehead and then took my index finger to create a small whole. You also will need a product called Caster seal, it helps set the wax and you also want to set it with some powder. I then took the Ben Nye Bruise wheel and added some color and dimension. I always start with black, because that is what will give you depth in your abrasions. Then you want to use a combination of the two reds and purple to get a lot of bruising. Of course you want to put some fake blood on any kind of cut, and there are so many kinds you can choose from I used Ben Nye thick blood. 

For the "burn" thats on my cheek I used Liquid latex, ripped up tissue paper, some cheap foundation that matches my skin tone, the bruise wheel, and the fake blood.

Liquid latex is an adhesive. It's also very very messy, but you don't need a lot of it, because it's so thin. I recommend getting a plastic plate and putting a small amount on it. Again make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying. Put a layer of the latex on first, and then take some tissues and rip tiny pieces and dip them into the latex and apply it to your cheek, or wherever you're trying to make your abrasion. Liquid latex doesn't dry very fast and you want to do a few layers of latex and tissue, so have a hairdryer on hand to help with the drying process. After you finish your layers of latex and it's dry, take your foundation and put it on top of the tissue so it blends in with your skin, and looks more realistic. Then you want to take your bruise wheel and add all the dimension with black,red, and purple you want. As always add as much.....

as you want! And when you're done go scare the crap out of your parents, or neighbor or little brother! Have fun creating your gory look! 


Colleen Wedding!

The best part of doing hair and make-up for weddings is the day of, especially when you know the person getting married. Thanks to my amazing friend Kristin I got to be a part of her future sister-in-law's wedding day. They booked myself and my boss Ashley through our company Up Do's For I Do's. Colleen and future hubby Brandon had a lovely wedding at the Kent Manor Inn, on Kent Island. Here are some of the getting ready pictures!


Thank you MTI Photography for sharing these awesome images!

Happy Halloween!


This year for halloween I decided to be Harley Quinn. I made the top using a regular red tank top, white felt fabric, black fabric paint, and a hot glue gun. For my makeup I used a white airbrush foundation, it took a few layers and some blending to make my skin look really white and even. For my eye mask I used E.L.F cream eyeliner and an angled brush to outline the mask, and a bigger brush to fill it in. For my lips I used a red lip liner, red lipstick, and for the outline I used a thin lip lining brush to line my lips using the cream eyeliner and make my lips look bigger and the edges pointed. 

Whenever I smiled I looked more like the character because of how I outlined my lips! I had so much creating this look, and can't wait to expand my special effects skills


Nightmare before Christmas is my all time favorite movie, and my friends Kristin and Jason were Jack and Sally for Halloween this year. I had the honor of doing their makeup! Jack is just a skeleton, so it's easy to create that kind of look, but sally is a bit more tricky. I airbrushed Kristin's face and neck with layers of white, and then i scraped some blue eyeshadow onto a palette and used a brush to blend it onto her face, I used cream eyeliner to create the stitches on her and Jason. They got so many compliments, and people were stopping them to take pictures with them. So glad I got to make their Halloween special! 

Gore, bloods, and downright scary!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. i love getting creative with my costumes and make-up. Last year I did my own version of Poison Ivy from Batman, and I got so many compliments. 






This year I'll be doing my own version of Harley Quinn to continue with the Batman theme, I'm not sure how I feel about the costume yet, but you will see sooner rather than later. 

This year I also had the opportunity to take a Special effects make-up class at The Academy of Makeup in Cockeysville, MD. It is owned and ran by my Up Do's For I Do's co-worker Lindsey Shields. I Introduced Lindsey to a my friend Landre that I went to Cosmetology school with. I showed Lindsey all of Landre's amazing work on her instagram (@Landresfx), and she was amazed by it, and offered Landre an opportunity to teach the class. Landre went through and showed us how to make basic cuts or incisions, on our faces. She also showed us how to make it look like part of our faces had been blown off. I decided to make my friend Caitlin look like she had a big cut across her face with a lot of bruising! Take a look;)

I used a wax material that I put across Caitlin's face, and smoothed out with vaseline so it would be flush to her skin, then I went in with a bruise wheel that has lots of different colors to add some bruising around the wax to blend in with her skin. After that I took the sharp end of a spatula and cut into the wax to make an incision. I used black to add depth to the incision, and went back in with the bruise wheel to add the rest of the bruising on Caitlin's face. Once I finished with the bruising I added some fake coagulated blood to give it a little more of a realistic look. I had so much fun learning how to do these techniques and create and super scary look! 


Happy Halloween! 

Fall is in the air!

Fall is one of my favorite season. The air smells like campfires, and there's nothing like the cool brisk wind in the morning. Fall is great time of year to get inspired with all the beautiful colors on the leaves and trees. I myself pretty much always have dark hair and wear darker eye colors, but for some people they prefer to be lighter in the summer and then go darker in the winter, so I thought I would share some of my favorite things about fall. 

I don't know if anyone told you but...Orange is the new black. Fall brings out different shades of red, orange, and yellow in the leaves and I just love the bright colors! 

As a hairstylist/make-up artist we pretty much live off of Starbucks...I love getting a warm latte with coconut milk, it just gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.

My newest make-up obsession is the Urban Decay Smoky eye palette that came out this year, it has some great fall colors with bronzed golds and browns, this palette is really diverse and works for any look you could imagine, and the Urban Decay products are just amazing in general, and my personal favorite. They're cruelty free, long lasting, and great to work with. Highly recommended! 

This is the beginning...

This s where it all began. This was the day I graduated from cosmetology school. I've always had a passion for hair and make-up. It started more with make-up, because it's a lot easier to play with make-up when you're a little girl. Not only did I do make-up on myself if you were my babysitter you could guarantee we were playing dress up the entire time you were watching me. When I ran out of babysitters to play with I turned to my dolls. Of course I had tons of barbie dolls, and I had one American Girl doll. Everyone knows how expensive they are if you've ever had one or bought one for someone. Unfortunately for my mom she spent all that money so I could cut my American Girl dolls hair and put make-up all over her face. Now I put make-up on real women and it's a great feeling. For awhile I thought I was never going to have a career in the beauty industry. Apparently it wasn't a real career choice when I was getting ready to graduate from high school. With the help of my employers, who are Photographers and work with plenty of successful make-up artists, they were convinced this was the career for me. After 1 semester of college I was miserable, and knew I needed a change. It was tough to leave after such a short time and making new friends, but I knew I had to do something for myself or I was never going to be happy. After I graduated from cosmetology school I took my Maryland State Board tests on August 1, 2013, and I passed both of them on the first try! I was never great in school especially when it came to taking tests, but I studied really hard for both my practical and written tests. I couldn't believe I passed I almost started crying after the practical exam, which in my opinion is the hardest part of the whole exam. I couldn't be happier with the decisions I have made over the last few years. I have been very fortunate to have such great opportunities and experiences in just two years after getting my license. I guess dreams to do come true.