Fall is in the air!

Fall is one of my favorite season. The air smells like campfires, and there's nothing like the cool brisk wind in the morning. Fall is great time of year to get inspired with all the beautiful colors on the leaves and trees. I myself pretty much always have dark hair and wear darker eye colors, but for some people they prefer to be lighter in the summer and then go darker in the winter, so I thought I would share some of my favorite things about fall. 

I don't know if anyone told you but...Orange is the new black. Fall brings out different shades of red, orange, and yellow in the leaves and I just love the bright colors! 

As a hairstylist/make-up artist we pretty much live off of Starbucks...I love getting a warm latte with coconut milk, it just gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.

My newest make-up obsession is the Urban Decay Smoky eye palette that came out this year, it has some great fall colors with bronzed golds and browns, this palette is really diverse and works for any look you could imagine, and the Urban Decay products are just amazing in general, and my personal favorite. They're cruelty free, long lasting, and great to work with. Highly recommended!