More Special Effects!

I've had a lot of free time lately, so I've been practicing my special effects make-up, and I wanted to share with you guys how I am creating these gruesome looks! 


I use the Ben Nye Nose & Scar wax to create cuts and abrasions on my skin, it comes in different skin tones, I used fair, because I'm kind of a pale person... You only need a little bit of this product, because it stretches very easily. In order to get it to stick to your skin you need a product called Spirit Gum, as seen below. You want the spirit gum to get a little tacky before you try spreading the wax on your skin. 

You want to get a metal spatula to scrape out the wax and the flat end is useful in blending the wax in with your actual skin   

You want to get a metal spatula to scrape out the wax and the flat end is useful in blending the wax in with your actual skin





So here's how I created this look. I started with the "bullet whole" on my forehead. I made sure my skin was clean and dry. First I applied the spirit gum in the middle of my forehead where I wanted to place the wax. Tap it with your knuckle so it gets a little tacky. I took some Nose & Scar wax and roll it into a ball, and basically pushed it down on my forehead and then took my index finger to create a small whole. You also will need a product called Caster seal, it helps set the wax and you also want to set it with some powder. I then took the Ben Nye Bruise wheel and added some color and dimension. I always start with black, because that is what will give you depth in your abrasions. Then you want to use a combination of the two reds and purple to get a lot of bruising. Of course you want to put some fake blood on any kind of cut, and there are so many kinds you can choose from I used Ben Nye thick blood. 

For the "burn" thats on my cheek I used Liquid latex, ripped up tissue paper, some cheap foundation that matches my skin tone, the bruise wheel, and the fake blood.

Liquid latex is an adhesive. It's also very very messy, but you don't need a lot of it, because it's so thin. I recommend getting a plastic plate and putting a small amount on it. Again make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying. Put a layer of the latex on first, and then take some tissues and rip tiny pieces and dip them into the latex and apply it to your cheek, or wherever you're trying to make your abrasion. Liquid latex doesn't dry very fast and you want to do a few layers of latex and tissue, so have a hairdryer on hand to help with the drying process. After you finish your layers of latex and it's dry, take your foundation and put it on top of the tissue so it blends in with your skin, and looks more realistic. Then you want to take your bruise wheel and add all the dimension with black,red, and purple you want. As always add as much.....

as you want! And when you're done go scare the crap out of your parents, or neighbor or little brother! Have fun creating your gory look!